Bullying. What is bullying? How do I stop being bullied? Why am I being bullied? These are all questions racing through a teens head on a daily basis. Bullying is very serious and isn't something you can just brush off. Bullying can scar a person for life, both mentally and physically. I want to bring light on Bullying and show it’s okay to be different.

What is Bullying? Bullying is when someone is sought out due to being perceived as vulnerable; a bully tries to harm and intimidate them. There are four different types of bullying in society. Physical Bullying: This includes any sort of fighting. Punching, kicking, slapping, pushing etc. Verbal bullying: Someone uses insults and teasing to damage someone’s self esteem to seem more powerful than them. Social Bullying: Harming someone’s reputation and causing humiliation behind someone’s back. This includes excluding someone or spreading rumours. Cyber Bullying: Intentional and repeated harm through electronic devices. These all cause serious damage to a person’s mental health.

How do I stop being bullied? Figuring out how to stop being bullied can be difficult and frustrating. Life can be unfair and people can be mean. The main way to stop bullying is to tell an Adult, Teachers, Parents, Youth leaders etc. It may seem like common advice but that is because it is the best thing for you to do. An adult is more power than the bully instantly showing that the bully can’t push people around without consequences. However, sometimes it can be difficult to confide in people and you don’t feel like you can trust an adult, there are other tactics. For example, Ignoring them. A bully wants power, they want to know that they are intimidating you, in this situation just don’t rise to them. If they realise they can’t get the reaction they want, they’re more likely to leave you alone. Although this is harder with different types, as with cyber bullying it is quite easy to block a bully. Whereas, Physical bullying requires further action.

Why am I being bullied? Being bullied has nothing to do with you as a person. You are suddenly concerned that there is something wrong with your personality or looks because of the bullying. This is not the case. In most reports of bullying, the bully is insecure in themselves so picks on others that are vulnerable. As well as bullies being jealous of talents and possessions. E.g. Someone who is labelled a ‘nerd’ is probably because the bully is envious of their knowledge. A person can also bully you due to trying to seem popular and cool or if they are dealing with personal issues. Just remember, no one deserves to be bullied and no one has the right to make anyone else feel bad about themselves.

Bullying affects over one million young people per year, you are not alone. To get help with bullying you can report abusive posts on social media or too Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP). As well as visiting or calling these services/ Helplines listed below.

YoungMinds Crisis Messenger: Provides 24 hour support for Mental Health across the UK. For urgent help text YM to 85258.

Childline: (www.childline.org.uk) All calls or emails will be confidential. 24 hour helpline- 0800 1111 The Mix: (www.themix.org.uk) You can talk to the mix for free and use their counselling services. Freephone- 0808 808 4994 ( 13:00-23:00)