I don’t know about you, but 2019 has been an amazing year. The world has collectively faced a few challenges, but mostly seen amazing experiences and changes to our world. So lets take some time to review this fantastic year that we've had:


Unfortunately, earlier this year we all were faced with the ugly truth which was the burning down of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April the 15th. The entire population’s heart’s sank as we watched live on our screens the unfurling smoke and monstrous flames destroyed the iconic cathedral that was loved and admired by many. It was either a burning cigarette or an electrical malfunction that caused the Notre Dame to light up in flames but although it was salvaged after challenging and relentless work from phenomenal firefighters and others,nobody is certain that the Notre Dame Cathedral can fully recover from the fire.


However, on a brighter note, slightly further into the year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their first child together on the 6th of May. Meghan Gave birth to a baby boy who was named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor shortly afterwards. He was born at 05:26 in The Portland Hospital. In comparison to the other royal children, Archie Harrison was not given a title and is referred to as a “Master”. The birth of Archie created ground breaking history for the world and I am sure that we are looking forward to seeing what the new year brings for the Royal Family.


As well as this -  during the year Greta Thunberg took the world by storm through her climate strikes and empowering speeches across the globe about climate change and how us as humans are making the process take place a lot faster. Although Greta began striking in August 2018, her name and her “School strike for the climate” campaign. This came about when she would sit outside of the Swedish Government with a sign that says “School strikes for the climate’ in Swedish. Greta attended The 2019 UN Climate Action Summit in New York city on the 23rd of September. Her moving yet emotional speech about the government and how she believes that they are not doing enough to reduce climate change. Greta has been recognised by famous figures such as David Attenborough as well as Billie Eilish and she continues to strike and protest until her views of Climate change are understood and followed by people all around the world.


To sum up our year - changes have been made to the world that have made history for further generations to look back on and appreciate in the future. Not only are we celebrating the end of our year- but the end of the decade as well. I wish you all a happy and healthy upcoming year.


Grace Whittley - The Hundred of Hoo Academy