The south-east of England is renowned for heritage sites, historic castles, beautiful palaces and busy streets. However, if you explore the south-east to your fullest, you will find a small field. But not any field, this field is home to a company called TwoTwo fly. 


So, you may not know who these are. This is a company that will teach you how to fly microlights. These are very small one or two-seat aircraft. The head of the Stoke Medway airfield is Greg Burns. He is also one of the instructors there aswell. 


This airfield, although used by many, is still fairly unknown. The fact there are a fair few airfields over the country could explain why it is not too well know. But this airfield is much greater than the others. Although it is small for a normal airfield (but big for a microlight airfield), it holds much more than you could possibly imagine. Being located in the countryside undoubtedly means that there is some absolutely incredible scenery located all around the airfield. Not only that but there is a massive section of marshland located directly next to the airfield, which creates some stunning photos, videos, and an all-round spectacular flight. Furthermore, since the airfield is located next to the River Medway you get the rare experience of being able to see the old war boats, abandoned islands and if you are lucky enough, maybe even get a glimpse of the seals in the river too.


Whilst at the airfield, we spoke to one of the regular flyers down there, Ian. We asked him why he chose to learn to fly. Turns out someone had brought him a trial flight a few years back as he had always had a passion for aircraft since he was young but just never followed it. Once he had tasted his first flight, he just wanted to continue- leading him to get his NPPL (National Private Pilots license) in 2017. Since then he has been an avid flyer and enjoyed being a member of the aviation community down there. 


It was Da Vinci himself who once said 'Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return. ' This quote is probably one of the most accurate statements I have ever heard. I asked 20 people who are all microlight flyers if they agree with this statement, and 100% of them agreed with this. Everyone who flies does it with a passion- if you fly there is no half-heartedness in it. 


At the Stoke Medway airfield, there is more than just a runway.  There is a community. The cafe down there is all self-catering, and anyone is welcome. Most people in the cafe are usually flying, but you do not have to be to go. The cafe is open for anyone, even if you just go there to have a coffee and a sandwich. You will always be welcome. 


There is also one very unique feature at this airfield as well. Quite often people want to fly but are easily scared by heights, which is more common than you would think. No problem, because they have their very own flight simulator room. And what is even better about this particular simulator is that it is an exact digital replica of the airfield. They were able to get the simulator to be exactly the same to create the most realistic version and the most similar experience possible, without needing to be less than 30cm off of the ground. It is truly spectacular.


When I say it is the best-kept secret in the south-east, it truly is. If you know anyone with a passion for flying, make them come down to the airfield- or at least contact them to see what they can do. Maybe you are reading this thinking it is something you might want to pursue- if so, go and do it. You will not be disappointed.