This year has produced so many budding young musicians within the Hundred of Hoo Academy and this carol concert has demonstrated so much of the talent, making us all wonder what is to come.


This years Hundred of Hoo carol concert was played in the same venue as it has always been, the Parish church. Even though it has always been there, the talent and skill has only grown in size. Originally it was a couple of performances mainly from the secondary school, but now there is huge diversity. Talent is being demonstrated from the primary school all the way up into the 6th form. It’s very impressive.


This years concert had not one, not two, but 14 different performances. Two of these even being from the primary school. Two may not seem a lot, but I am fairly certain that the large majority of people reading this would not have stood in front of over 80 people (as well as not knowing the large majority of them)  and would have sung their hearts out to the audience. This surely shows the incredible talent and skill that the schools have to offer.


There was also a performance from the “Rock School” consisting of 7 different musically talented members of the school. Guitars, drums, bass, singers- you name it they more than likely have it. If these guys can’t wow an audience then I do not think that anybody else would have that power.


Except of course from the schools very own steel drum group. There are probably many of you reading this that may be unaware of what a steel drum actually is. To make a long story short, it is part of an old oil drum, bent and cut up to make the most beautiful sound you have ever heard (and will ever hear) in your life. This spectacular group performed 3 songs in the evening. Many of the audience that I spoke to said that “it was the best I have ever seen the group.” Quite frankly they were right. Some members have been part of the group for nearly ten years, and some have barely been part of it for a month, and yet every single note was, crisp, clear and a delight to the ears for any one of the audience.


However, something very different did occur at this event. Normally it would just be the students singing and taking part in these kinds of events. Yet, there were two teachers also taking part. Many might think that this is unfair as they have had an entire life to perfect their skills, but they were spectacular. 


The entire night just felt energetic, exciting and most importantly of all, it felt like a community. Although this article is supposed to be talking about all the wonderful talent that the Hundred of Hoo Academy has, it is truly important that talk about the support. Without the entire community of Hoo, and some places further afield, we would not have the skill or level of talent that they were able to present to us at the concert. Every single person who played an instrument, sung a song or two, or even just read out part of the story, they all gave their hearts and souls, which could not be accomplished without the amazing support that the local community give.


Every single person at this event deserves a huge congratulations from everybody who reads this. Even if you were not present at this event, you should still be congratulating- even if you do not know anyone who went. The support is what got the school to the level it was at, and this support must be shown by every single individual, no matter who you are or where you are from.