“Biggin Hill Memorial Museum tells the story of RAF Biggin Hill through the personal experiences of those who served there, and the community who supported them.”

Following the building of the War Memorial Museum in Biggin Hill, one year later… was it really worth the money invested into it? Opening at the start of January 2019, the museum had a lot of backlash before it started being built. The design of the building being described as “two pale coloured wings wrapped around the chapel” suggested that many individuals who were frequent visitors of the chapel were not fond on the design. One resident even called it “nothing short of an act of vandalism” as many residents didn’t believe that it respected the design and history of the building.

One year later, the reviews on the museum are very split still. One person exclaiming that it was “full of fascinating stories of the past, each of them which truly unique, special and interesting” and the place was full of “friendly staff members who are only too happy to help and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere”. However, one person exclaimed it was “very disappointing” and called it a “waste of money” as it didn’t offer “value for money”. While people said it had some good information, it wasn’t anything near to the expectations that it was meant to lead up to.

Overall, the majority of views show that while there is some good information, paying the charge for the museum isn’t worth it. Infact, the free Chapel seems to be a bigger hit that the new museum.


Location of Museum: Main Road, Biggin Hill, Kent, TN16 3EJ

Prices: Adult 8.50, Child 4.50, Under 5s Free & Family bundles of 23.00 and 14.50 (excluding discounts)

Upcoming Events: Festive Museum Open Day 30th Dec, Morning Talk: Winston Churchill Jan 2nd




By Teide Marrable