Christmas the time of the year where all the family gets together and enjoy their company with each other and showing their love for each other on a mental level. Many believe that Christmas is a time of giving and appreciation of what you get. However many believe it’s the time of the year to splash all the money that they have earned on people they love. Research says that all prices go up by 5% each year due to the demand of certain things such as electronics toys etc… this is money draining as a big family will have to plan out what they need to buy and when they should buy it. This can be a Very tough time for struggling families as they might not be able to afford some of the products that a family member wants, and with the increase in price it will stress out the family member.however Christmas is not about getting what someone wants but it’s how they will take it. Whether they appreciate or just don’t like it. Christmas is the best time of the year for business as sales will be higher than ever because more customers will be buying the products and a higher price means higher profits. Many people start shopping on Black Friday as all prices are decreased by a huge amount and many people celebrating Christmas use this as an opportunity to complete their shopping as it a more affordable. On the other hand many people see Black Friday as a scam as businesses raise the prices weeks before so it tricks customers that think it’s worth a huge amount but pay the original price.