The End of The Year

Can you remember what it was like to be a teenager? Well think about how different you would be if you were a teenager today. This year is nearly over and what a roller coaster it has been. 2019 was a huge year full of social media, excitement, deaths, celebrities, Brexit and climate change. However, has any of the older generation noticed the decrease in well being of the teenage population during this year, because I certainly have. It almost feels like the mental state of teenagers has just been off this whole year, and that could be down to the sad changes that have occurred in the world we live in, and the toll that takes on the younger generation.

Living as a teenager in 2019 was difficult, due to relationships and exams, navigating the teenage mind is a tricky job that needs caution to be taken with it. Not many knew their place in society, with the pressures from others around them, and voices were almost taken away, when really the younger generation is the only hope in the world. The uprising of social media has created a lot of issues within teenagers, such as low self esteem and frustration as well as this it has almost been suffocating teens into looking and acting a certain way. World problems such as climate change have been listened to by teenagers this year on a larger scale than ever. ‘We’re not just teenagers, we’re a frustrated future’. We are constantly told by the older generation to act in our dying world, although do we really have a voice to make change? Teens are as levelheaded as grown-ups, yet we are still restricted on voting, cannot put for our ideas for a better world, therefore we are left to suffer the consequences.

2019 has created an uproar of emotions for teenagers, the poor mental health we suffer from is not an illusion, but rather a harsh reality that we must beat internally. The dismission from older generations and decisions that are made about our future, have caused sadness for teenagers. Moving into 2019 we need to control our voices, project our voices as far as we can and create an increase in mental state, why you ask, because why wouldn’t you want a powerful rebellion of teenagers?