Sexism Towards Women 

Cambridge dictionary defines sexism as the belief that members of one sex are less intelligent, able and skillfull and especially that women are less able than men. Sexism.degrades women all around the world and sexism towards women is committed by men towards women which is why feminism is such a powerful force in society. Women are referred to as the "weaker sex" because of their femininity. Power is dominated by men as they earn more money, take out more loans, have more mortages and are seen as "physically stronger". Why stop awomen from achieving their full potential?

Catcalling towards women is one of the major parts of sexism. Talented females from all sorts of professions are constantly being criticized for their weight, wearing too much or too little or for not even wearing enough makeup. Woman walking down the street are constanyly having negative comments made towards them by men and are expected to enjoy them. Catcalling happens thousands of times a day all around the world. THIS HAS TO STOP! Who on earth thinks a teenager should be exposed to sexuall harrassment before they've even become an adult?

The effects of sexism towards women can be horrible both physically and mentally. Adolescent girls are more likely to experience the effects of sexism which can be anorexia, binging, anxiety, purging or even depression. Sexism from peers, friends and even family members can lead to negative body self esteem issues. Sexism can change the way women think, feel and behave towards men in general. The idea of having perfect thin bodies can pressure women to diet to achieve "perfect bodies". This can also lead women to restrict their eating or be ashamed for eating "too much". Some women get accused for being bossy or argumentative for giving their opinion just like how men do without facing punishment. This can lead people to think women are less capable at tasks involving math, physical strength or other "masculine skills". Why silence women from bringing achievement to our society and be accused of not knowing?

Ultimately, sexism is being done casually and has become part of our mainstream society. It has become so serious that women are even targeted for their menstural cycle. If a woman is frustrated or agitated, a man assumes she "must be on her period". Women are targeted for their menstural cycle and are considered to be disgusting. Why stop women from achieving their full potential?

Ibaado Mohamed,  Nower Hill High School