This Is Local London:
Sadly, 15-year-old Baptista Adjei passed due to a fatal stabbing which was the outcome of a brawl that occurred between some youths, one of them being Baptista’s friends whom he was defending.

The event took place outside of Stratford centre in East London on October 11, 2019; Baptista had gone there after school, around 3.20 pm to socialise with his friends. The killer was a mindless adolescent boy who stabbed Baptista senselessly. To the disgust of his malicious actions, the killer’s mother had turned him in for the crime in respect for Baptista’s family who were heartbroken over his death.

His mother stated in an interview that shortly before the mishap occurred she called him to ask if he needed to be picked up from school but he declined her offer as he was with friends. His mother blamed no one, but herself and said, “I should have just picked him up.”

His death hurt many people as he was a boy that came from an urban background and didn’t have much luck growing up in North Woolwich and had no affiliation with gangs. Many were upset to discover that knife crime and gang culture is still vastly common in the UK; specifically London.

When will the government take action to put an end to knife crime? When will we, as a community, help to educate the youth? Baptista was a student at St Bonaventure’s School for boys in Newham, known for its deprivation and a high crime rate. Within 2019 there were several stabbings in Newham and there were 15 incidents reported by the metropolitan police-majority being murders committed by youths within the last 3 months.

His death was mourned by many students and teachers who were saddened by the unfortunate circumstances. Knife crime is an ongoing problem in London that needs to be put to an end. You’re either choose to help end knife crime or end a life. The choice is yours.

Deslie Madika, student at Oaks Park High School