“I have a dream!” English broadcaster, political commentator and publisher, Iain Dale -most known for presenting the Evening Show on LBC Radio, recently visited Oaks Park High School where he informed young people on his journey - from living on a farm to then having to adapt to the chaos of the city of London.

Dale also elaborated on how he faced many challenges in the industry being a homosexual man having encountered homophobia within his work environment and enlightened us on the sexual discrimination within the UK news media industry. He then stated how his fellow female colleagues would get fewer opportunities such as her stories being televised less frequently and being restricted to the information they can disclose and how he had prepared a news story as a duet however his management disregarded his female colleague and told her that Dale was to deliver the news story unaided.

Dale told us about a time he experienced homophobia from one of his associates. They were unaware of his sexuality and said how they believe that all gay people are disgusting and that homosexuality is unnatural. He respectfully responded that “you shouldn’t say such things because I, myself am a homosexual man”. When discussing his career, Dale stated that you can be whatever you aspire to be as long as your plan is lucid and you work hard to manifest your dreams.

Fortunately, Iain Dale’s parents were very supportive of his dreams which he proclaims is a necessity as 96 per cent of UK graduates they had switched careers by the time they reached the age of 24 which is absurd. This is because of the social pressure of society in terms of the education system as it is not everyone who is academic-some explore their passion through the arts e.g. Dance or Acting. Dale made sure the youth apprehended his message; that we as people dictate where we are going in life. Do you have a dream? What will you do to make sure you achieve this?

Deslie Madika - Yr12 student at Oaks Park High School