The musically inclined Sahi Siva is a 21-year-old full-time university student at Imperial College who is also pursuing his dream in music part-time, as an independent Tamil artist.

Sahi Siva has been learning music for 16 years. This includes Sangeetham (Carnatic/South Indian music) and Mirudhangam (double sided drum) . Music became his outlet for creativity as well as source of peace. He is inspired by his friends, family and experiences from both the loving and haunting kind. Sahi started off doing covers on social media and he is now signed to a music label; OruNation where his idol, whom he looked up to from a young age, is now his manager. With trending hits including “Nenjinile Rebirth”, Naan Kudikka Poren” and “Ciroc” he is travelling the world with his music. He has toured in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, France and Germany. Sahi always tries to be different and does not follow the crowd and instead wishes to leave an identity for himself. He quotes, “when words failed, when people failed, and I failed, music prevailed”. He has over 30,000 followers on Instagram, over 9,000 followers on YouTube and over 24,000,000 views on his first collaboration. He has performed in front of one of the most famous music composer/singer in the Indian film industry, Anirudh Ravichander, and a director of the Indian reality dance talent show – Maanada Mayilada; Kala Master.

Sahi, as a university student, picked up his fan base in his home city, London, after his renditions at talent shows such as Mega Maalai and TDC. He found it very hard to juggle his studies and his music, as he had to prioritize them both. His mother pushed him to finish his degree and to not drop out. When Sahi was younger, he did not enjoy music lessons. His mother would have to push him and his siblings to lessons. His mother persisted that they learn the art form. He thanks his mother today and says he would have regretted not going to music lessons as he would not be where he is now without his music. This does not just apply with music, but extra-curricular activities in general. His mother says that they always need that initial push to understand the value of the art, and then they will eventually learn to love it.

Sahi Siva has had an amazing reception to his debut album. He has achieved and is achieving so much at such a young age. He believes that even a gifted talent must still be practised to go beyond perfect.

Shathuriya Sivapalan