Do you wish to learn a new language? Well this article will tell you why it is beneficial for you to learn a new language.

Bilingual means knowing two languages fluently. ‘Bi’ in Latin, means two, and ‘lingua’ means tongue. There are many studies as to why learning a second language is helpful as well as beneficial. Bilingual children have, on many occasions, been seen outperforming monolingual (speaking one language) students in their own native language. This above-average performance will be evident throughout everything that they involve themselves in.

Science has also shown that being bilingual improves your attention span and multitasking comes easier to these people than monolinguals. There have also been numerous studies showing that a second language reduces the risk of having a stroke. It is crazy how simply knowing another language has so many benefits to your health as well as your mind. You are also less likely to suffer from dementia. Some also claim that being able to speak two different languages is almost as exhilarating as having two separate personalities. Additionally, bilinguals are more open minded to new things because they already have more than one view of the world.

Knowing multiple languages is an asset that is highly valued in the workplace. There are many employment benefits as employers are, now more than ever, looking to employ people knowledgeable in more than one language. Communication is prioritised in workplaces, especially in companies with international offices or ones involving tourism and journalism. Additional languages also look very good on resumes even if you aren’t as qualified as a monolingual applicant. As well as professionally, knowing more than one language will help you on a personal level too. If knowing another language allows you to communicate with a different set of people, it would provide as an opportunity for you to get to know them on a deeper level.

For communication or health benefits or for just pure knowledge, many would agree that strengthening your language skills with another one is extremely helpful and useful. So do not stall and strengthen your communication skills with another language!

Shathuriya Sivapalan