Equestrianism is a sport which can have several benefits and so people should not be of the assumption that it is a sport only for the privileged. Although it is true that equestrianism is a financially exhausting sport to be part of, when you share the passion to be an equestrian, you become driven to work hard to enable yourself of the opportunities.

Although this can be said about any sport, it is equestrianism that is labelled as one only for the privileged, which is why this assumption must be broken. It is through hard work and commitment that people find themselves exposed to more opportunities and so I feel more people, from whatever backgrounds, should be more involved in the opportunities around them.

There are several ways in which you can become involved in the local area, starting by volunteering at any riding schools or livery yards in your area like, for example, Holly Lodge which is situated in Richmond Park. There are also other ways you can become more involved, naming Wimbledon Village Stables’ ‘Christmas open morning’ as another example. Here you can 'come in to help us out with the early yard work. You should arrive anytime from 8.00 and don't worry if you have no previous experience as there is always plenty of sweeping to be done'. With these as examples, if you’re wanting to try something new that you may have felt you’d never be able to try due to opportunity, then try researching more local events in your area and get involved as equestrianism is such a beneficial sport to be part of.

By Millie Hindley