Have you ever thought what child hood obesity actually is well here it is, whilst read think about this: Would you agree with this or do you have a totally different view?

Child hood obesity has become a huge effect on a Childs health. Children are no longer walking to school, being allowed to go out with friends. There are many reasons behind this but what is the main reason?

 A social workers responded to my question stating that Childhood obesity has become a problem for so many reasons. It's not purely the responsibility of the children although they could do more for themselves. Parents now have busier life styles with work commitments and getting children to after school activities.

Fast food and ready prepared meals from supermarkets containing high fats and have been a savior for busy parents. Computers, television, internet and phones have played a role in childhood obesity. These stop children and young people going out of the home to play outdoors. Furthermore, it’s not always safe for young people to be out due to gang violence and stabbings, parents are less inclined to encourage their children to be outdoors.

Parents also do less with their children as they are glued to the television and phones. Some don't even go out shopping as they purchase food online and have it delivered. Sweets are cheaper and widely available. Special deals like 2 for a £1.00 to entice the purchase of 2 chocolate bars, with most young people eating both. There is no clear and simple way of stopping childhood obesity but everybody needs to come together to make changes to our lifestyles for the generations to come or we will all end up fat, unable to move and rely on technology for our day to day needs.

Reminds me of the film Wall-E.

By Isabel Allum, Oaks Park High School