Imagine Christmas without all the lights, tree and no presents. I don’t think you could imagine it, could you?

Well, that is what it used to be like a very long time ago. Before, it was always spending time with your family and doing good deeds. Christmas is still a religious holiday however everyone celebrates it in a way that you have to spend loads of money on presents and food. 

I want you to think what would you do if Christmas went back to having no trees and no presents it would be a completely different atmosphere don’t you think? Over many years it has gradually become more and more about the gifts, the trees and the decorations. What is your view on Christmas? I want you to think about this for as moment. Some of you may not be able to and that’s okay. This is because you have grown up in a world where it is always been this way.

I asked someone for their point of view on this topic and this was their response “When I was a child, Christmas, especially Christmas Day , was always about spending time with your family and your extended family. After dinner we all met up at the chosen aunties house and cousins spent the afternoon with them. In the evening after tea my family always played the new board game together, watched telly and ate Quality Street. Now with technology around, no one sits together, everyone does their own thing, Christmas has become about the gifts and not the family.” You can see how much it has changed over the years. Maybe it is time to go back to how Christmas used to be.

By Isabel Allum Oaks Park High School.