As An adult have you ever thought about the amount of stress you are putting on young people to get the best grades they possibly can?

Well yes there is a lot of stress on young people and maybe there is a little too much stress. This can be changed but the adults have to do their part, this could involve, supporting the young person to achieve the best possible grades that they can, on the grades that they have achieved maybe push them a little to get better grades but not so much to make them feel terrible for the grades that they did get.

Well here is a review on this subject from a student who attends Oaks Park High School, they stated “the grade boundaries are very stressful for students. It puts extra pressure on them to reach a certain level. Student’s grades are always compared to everyone even though everyone has their own pace of learning.” This student is correct as every child has got their own learning pace but most of the time adults would disagree with that.

Many student grades are compared to each other or other classes doing the same topic. Teachers are always trying to improve the grades of their students but don’t always help. The students do not get praised for the grades they do get, most of the time they get told that they are under achieving. Students are made to feel like failures if they do not achieve the target grades that the teacher has set for them.

By Isabel Allum, Oaks Park High School.