Sex education is covered in every primary and secondary school in England and is part of the curriculum, in Langley park girls school the year 10’s had a PSHE day that covered  safe sex and healthy relationships. This year there was more focus on the LGBT aspects of sexual health as in  previous years at Langley, Sex Ed was more heterosexual based and some students had voiced their concerns and this led to a change in what was covered in lesson. Even though the students were listened to and it was covered in more detail than previous years it led to many students feeling it wasn’t necessary or that it wasn’t taught well but it was a massive step for the future of LGBTQ sex education in Langley Park School For Girls.

I have talked to multiple students at my school and one teacher that taught it, and asked them what their opinions were on the day and coverage on the LGBT sex ed included, each student was from a different form group so experienced a different than the other.
Student 1: “I feel like it’s good that we are doing it but there is much room for improvement, there should have been a little bit more on the LGBT community and the teachers should be a little bit more trained in the LGBT sex education as they didn’t seem like they understood what they were talking about themselves,”
student 2: “it was really bad, they hardly mentioned anything and I think they could have done a lot more to make it more inclusive for everyone’s genders and sexualities,”
student 3: “I think it was greatly underprepared and there wasn’t enough effort put in by the staff involved,”
student 4: “I feel like there was a lot of coverage over heterosexual sex ad but minimal coverage on the LGBT+ was minimal and I felt there should have been more due to the fact a third of the population are in the LGBT+ community,”

LGBTQ+ Sexual education is part of the national curriculum therefor all secondary schools have to cover it to come extent however not all people are happy with their children learning about this.

INTERVEIWER: did you feel like the fact that LGBT sexual education was taught this year was important and why?
FORM TUTOR: ”I think it’s important to teach it I thought it was good that it was thought up by the LGBT students in the school so yes I thought it was very important”
INTERVEIWER: do you think teachers should teach something they aren’t fully aware of themselves like the LGBT community?
FORM TUTOR- “I don’t think teacher should teach things they aren’t fully aware of but I think that they should be fully aware of LGBT community in this school as it’s something that’s part of our professional values so of course we should be aware of all considerations,”

The importance on LGBT sexual education in schools
Sexual education is something that all children in education are taught to make students aware of how to stay safe during sexual acts and prevention and seeking help with STDs. This is normally only based on heterosexual relationships  and therefore doesn’t help the LGBT community or people who in the future may be part of the community. People don’t often know their sexuality when they are at the age that sexual education is taught therefor it is important to teach everyone all the subjects in sexual education even if you don’t think it is necessary.

I also spoke to the deputy head of Langley Park School For Girls who expressed their views on the matter.
“I think that this is an issue for teachers as students are more aware of the LGBT community and you find it a lot easier to comprehend but I think we need to focus on educating or re-educating the staff so we have a clear understanding of some of the complexities around the issue because there is quite a lot of that and its come to the fall the last couple of years and old people like me find change a lot more difficult to understand”.