Working as An A-level Student

In sixth form, a lot of students look forward to the thought of having jobs and making money. It is mainly to feel a sense of financial independence, and to be able to spend the money on whatever they want.
There are some pros and cons to working as a student: 
Financial independence
A sense of liberation
Control over your own money
Being able to have a say in your household.
Cons: The management of work and school can be stressful 
Less free time
The wages may not even be worth the amount of time you’re working

My friend Anna who works in H&M shares what it’s like working in such a big mainstream store in Westfield.
“ I do like the fact that I am getting paid, because I do want financial independence as I can do whatever I want with my money, but the work itself is a little bit discouraging because of things like travel, working somewhere so popular like Westfield, it can be annoying when there’s so many people around you. The amount of pay for the work you’re doing is quite discouraging as well, especially because I’m a teenager, they wouldn’t feel like I would need as much money as the average adult. Also, managing it with school is quite difficult because A-levels is quite a demanding period, so you have to manage timing really well and that something I’ve had to adjust myself to.”

So as a student considering working part time, ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” “Do I need the money, or do I want the money?”
A lot of us teenagers want money to spend on superficial things, but in reality, we do not need the money, but others do.