As there is an increase in technology all over the world, I can’t help but wonder about the effect it’s having on our community. A prominent example of a misunderstood piece of this technology is the app Pokemon Go. It made a record $207 million in its first month and for the year of 2018 dominated the App Store charts. During its peak, the game almost controlled the lives of many children and adults across the globe who became obsessed by this need to play this app and the people who weren’t captivated by it could only criticise it. All they saw was how it was distracting people from their real lives and how it was putting children at risk of their safety when wandering through this dangerous world we now live in. I understand this but people, specifically older generations, can’t see how it has enabled us to progress and adapt.



Now this app I mentioned has its flaws but ultimately brings joy to millions of people. It forces our community to go outside and explore the great outdoors and communicate with their friends. It also means people can meet others and bond over common interests. Why are people so quick to look at the negatives?



Another example I need to discuss is gaming consoles - PS4’s, Xbox’s and the Nintendo Switch. They may distract many children from their school work, they may yet again consume the lives of many but they aren’t as detrimental as many people believe. These consoles give people a sense of comradely when they can go online with their friends and sometimes it can even be a release when people don’t feel like they can deal with what’s going on around them. As a teenager myself I can understand the feeling of addiction towards these gaming platforms and I know how enjoyable it is to spend your time at home communicating with your friends.



So no, I do not think technology is prefect and I don't think that we should completely rely on it but I know from personal experience that people need to be shown the benefits of it. It’s time for people to change and realise how this is the world, that’s lead by computers, phones and machines, is our new reality.