In early november I attended my primary school’s fireworks night. It’s a great way to raise money for the school but also a way to celebrate Guy Fawkes night and for the younger children to learn about what happened. The school does this every year and it always has a fantastic turnout. I’ve been to every one since I joined the school but this one was definitely one of their best. People of all ages turned up, from young reception children to teenagers long left the school to adults coming for their young children but secretly enjoy it. They sold hot dogs and burgers as well as just sausages (vegetarian options as well) and they sold hot and cold drinks. They also sold light up headbands which were fun for the small children but also were useful so others could spot them. All you could see were black figures with glowing heads walking around. 

The fireworks display went on for about forty five minutes and contained multiple different types with amazing colours. Everyone stood around to watch it with the smallest of children worming their way to the front or begging to go onto parents shoulders. An attendee of the event Victoria Upperton said “the fireworks were spectacular”. She also called them “magical” and said she “loved them a lot”. Ms Upperton is an ex-student and this was her first time attending the event in several years. Another attendee of the event described it as being “absolutely mind blowing”. 

It definitely was an amazing night and it’s hoped they carry on with these events for as long as the school is around as it is a way to bring adults and children together to celebrate, as well as a way for ex-students to see teachers and peers who they potentially haven’t seen in a few years.

Written by Lia Harakis