Learning crisis, boost your memory

Every year many students prepare for stressful exams: the hours are busy, the weeks are tiring, and there are apathetic days and stressful nights. Students who take GCSEs and A-level exams do acknowledge the fact that the amount of information to absorb in the brain is immense. Even university students can comprehend how tough their exams can be. However, you as a student can better prepare yourself, if your brain can better prepare for exams.

Students fret when they feel anxious about an exam-especially if they’re not prepared. Preparation is key, which leads us to reveal the two sides of your brain. The left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere consists of the mathematical and written information side of your brain. Whereas, your right hemisphere consists of creativity and vivid colours. When students revise for exams and make notes, many of them will utilize their left side more than their right side. However, it is momentous to use both sides. Using both sides indicates that neither of them will compete and therefore, it becomes convenient for students to absorb information. Writing notes is important however, your brain also wants to use colours, so add a splash of captivating colours to your notes, in order to make them readable. Colours such as highlighters, pens and pencils (even diagrams) all help a student to recall and point out key information, because colours make everything less tedious.

Many students also agreed the fact that colours are efficient for note-taking. they can make your brain feel relaxed and alert to key information, which is needed to memorise your notes. One student stated the problem with memory. “I’ve heard so many people complain about the amount of content we have to learn in school,'' said Dua Ahmad. She has also commented on why people tend to find it difficult when absorbing information. “The huge issue is that people don’t make their notes exciting, you need to cooperate with your brain so you can succeed further in life." Dua Ahmad along with many other students all see that colours can avail students, however it can also distract them. Mike Ronald has talked about his experience in school. “ I’ve tried to make my notes look exciting, but it just got out of hand, I’d make them look nicer than actually revising them.” It’s important to make good notes, but we need to use the right amount of colours to our notes," Mike Ronald added. This has suddenly occurred to me that students may be struggling to memorise information, because they make their notes as a source of distraction.

Overall, we all can observe the massive impact the school has given to students, especially when a student needs to memorise a load of content for upcoming exams. Therefore, to succeed in this challenge, we will need to exercise our brains for better memory.

By Layba Ahmed