The student’s at Kingsley Academy have banded together and created a fabulous rendition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, as well as performing many excellent songs on the wonderful night.

On Wednesday 4th December, Kingsley Academy held a Winter play and concert where students acted, sang and showed off their immense talent. The students performed a shortened, original version of ‘A Christmas Carol’, learning numerous choreographies to dance to in a spectacular display of skill and hard work. After the play, students from the music department sang many Christmas-themed songs, such ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘Jingle bells’, wowing the audience with their charm and beautiful voices.

Tasneem Ahmed, 15 years old and an actor in the play, said, “I really liked our production; the whole audience, the other members, the crew- everything! They put so much effort into it and it turned out really well. We had to spend time after school, and it was my first time actually playing a role in front of the school, so I was really excited to see how it’d be. We also performed in front of year 5’s as well and they were very nice about it, so I was confident everything would turn out well. All the teachers supported us a lot too.”

At the end of the successful concert, the teachers at Kingsley Academy also joined in on the fun, singing ‘Snow is falling’ as an ensemble before passing the torch to the audience, who enthusiastically joined in to sing ‘All I want for Christmas is you’.

The staff, teachers and students all contributed greatly in creating a splendid night of fun for this winter season.

Neharika Limbu