With Christmas fast approaching, the students at Kingsley Academy have generously donated many of their toys and books to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Students were informed about the struggles hospitalised children will face this winter, with many children spending long nights away from home, some alone on Christmas day, due to their illnesses. Teachers asked if any students had old toys or second-hand items they could donate to the charity. It’s safe to say the students went above and beyond what was expected of them, donating over a hundred items to the hospital.

Aleena Idrees, a Year 10 student at Kingsley Academy, enthusiastically explained, “It’s a great honour to give these unprivileged kids a reason to smile and give them happiness. I mean, as a community, we’ve been given this great opportunity to spread joy- near Christmas as well! It would be a shame not to do anything.”

The donated items range from teddy-bears to books, and from dolls to toy cars. Each student checked in with each other to ensure there were a variety of items, fit for different children. Some students have even pooled in money from their own pockets to purchase brand new items that are sure to put a smile on any child’s face.

Christmas has a way of joining people together and spreading joy in the darkest of times. Although it is only the start of this festive season, the children at Kingsley Academy have certainly demonstrated the goodwill and giving natures’ adults should adopt.

Neharika Limbu