How is the science in our society changing the way of life by the second - furthermore how deeply will this affect us.

With every day that goes by, New ideas of science remodels our way of lifestyle, And furthermore our beliefs and particular perceptions. Already by 2019, our lifestyles diverge immensely from the lives of others over the past 50 to 100 years. Online education, online shopping and banking, social media, Apple Pay, the heavy list of advancements goes on. And as they go on, so do our chances of opportunities. 

Multitasking is a difficult thing to achieve for almost every person in the world who has to find ways to manage stress and tasks in a compact limited amount of time. For example, take in the life of a professional writer, who just so happens to be a mother of three, struggling with bills and time management.  Science has allowed people, including this mother to cope with this stress-  online grocery shopping and work from home by computers/phones allow this. Lives have been saved, opportunities have developed and our society is rebuilding itself along the way.

But with science, like anything in the world, unveils a dishevelled aftermath. Look for anyone today around you: a family member, a friend or even a stranger. You can see how much science and the developments it has led to in technology is impacting them. We’ve all become so acclimated, (especially our modern youth) for daily tasks done for us without a hassle that if, for example, if things were to go back from the way they were in the past, the world would be impaired with desperation and anarchy. And as developments in science are growing faster than ever, we may even face a time where students don’t go to school or want to engage in basic human interaction. 

In conclusion, science is definitely the biggest thing that should be supported by everyone around the globe today as our life would be very much offbeat without it. It’s critical to always be mindful to the amount amount of opportunities science fulfils to us worldwide. Although, there are certain consequential results due to developments in science we should take into mind.