All students currently facing exams or going to face exams will always get told to sit down and study and get good grades. But little do both parents and students know that this is not what should be happening to achieve your grades you would like. 

To get flying colours on your exams and smile when getting your exam results. Follow these 6 top tips that allow you to excel at your finest!

1. Adopt a positive mental attitude:

This is one of the most important tips- maintain a good attitude. The key thing is to know that having a good mindset attracts good goals and desires.

2. Set attainable goals:

One things for sure, if you want good grades you need to apply yourself and revise and prepare. One thing not to do if lay back and relax and hope for good grades, that will only repel success for exams. This idea may work and first but it’s not ideal for the long term.

3. Take study BREAKS:

This is critical for concentration! Studying for hours on end will only tire your brain, allowing yourself to get more distracted and think of negative thoughts. So every 30 minutes of studying- take a break for around 10 minutes. During your break, you could perhaps talk to your friends via your mobile or spend some time with your family.

4. Put your phone AWAY....

This is perhaps the most important tip on this list. Our phones are one of the most distracting things that prevent us from getting the grades we should be getting. It only adds to the time spent procrastinating. A good idea would be to ask a family member to hide it whilst you are studying to maximise your concentration and to say goodbye to procrastination!

5. Use cornell notes!

This form of revision notes have been on the rise with students and allow them to highlight the key terms for each topic and their evaluation of the topic as well. I have personally taken my physics notes in this style and it’s allowed me to assess all my weaknesses and what to focus on most.

6. Find methods to destress

Stress is a key enemy when it comes to success. It allows us to thing pessimistic thoughts and sidetracks us from our wants and desires with education. To tackle this problem, find techniques to destress- this involves doing the thing that makes you most happy whilst on your break or after your revision. It can include sports, volunteering, playing video games, photography, the list goes on. This will really battle your stress and push it away during your exam time.




Bhavna Bhaskaran, GGSK COLLEGE