We are all aware of the fact that we’re in a climate change emergency. Environmental pollution is one of the key problems faced in our modern world - so what has my school done to help? Many things spring to mind: a vegetable and fruit garden, vegan meals, no meat Thursday, bee keeping club, allowing students to participate in climate strikes and more...

It may be surprising for you to hear that Bancroft’s, through the student sustainability team, has grown a vegetable and fruit garden. Already it has produced a variety of produce from brussel sprouts and potatoes to raspberries, the latter I enjoy eating as a snack on the way to my maths lessons. The 35kg of potatoes were sold during the “Great Potato Harvest”, and the money earned was used to purchase an acre of land in the Dakatcha region, which is an area suffering from deforestation.

Also in the garden of our school, two beehives have been placed in order to help the bee colonisation in our area. Every week, the students from beekeeping club are learning more and more about bees through some hands on experience as they are allowed to work in the apiary with beekeeping suits, that the school provide. We hope that in the future the school will have increased the number of bees so much that honey will be readily available!

Moreover, the school has been avidly encouraging us to think about how individually we can help environment. Students, including me took part in a scheme, which encouraged us to cycle or walk to school, as the traffic on the high road in the mornings has been a big concern for the pollution of the Woodford Green area.

Hanna Wright