In a small remote area, there lies a gem of a pub, but it is not just a pub. No, it doubles as a zoo. This might sound crazy but it really is a brilliant place to visit, and needs more peoples support.

The Fenn Bell is found near Allhallows and is run by Andy Cowell. The whole idea for the pub cross zoo started a while back. He used to be a plumber who would do the honourable job of taking in any animals that were not wanted. He used to live on a farm when he was younger and so was always around animals. As he continued to house animals, he found that he started to run quickly out of the room, hence why a zoo seemed to be the perfect answer for him.

The zoo was originally opened in 2014 but sadly had to be closed whilst Andy gained his zoo license. After 3 long years, they eventually were able to get permission to re-open as a zoo. Since the 2nd June 2017, the Fenn Bell has been able to stay open and now houses 128 animals, including 2 baby female Binturings (being put into the zoo in spring) and a soon joining the zoo, a male Bobcat. 

The Fenn Bell were able to join the ‘European Association of Zoos and Aquaria’. The EAZA is an organisation which help to put endangered species back into the wild. The Fenn Bell have had some critically endangered animals, such as lemurs. They have been unable to find an area which would be safe for some of the animals to be released. Hopefully, soon they’ll start to find safe areas to release then animals.

Throughout the year, there are 3 main times where the zoo has some big events. Easter, Halloween and Christmas have huge events which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.                         

At the moment, the zoo run a Santa Christmas train throughout the day.


Whilst at the Fenn Bell we spoke to head zookeeper Connor Gordon, age 25. Connor, along with his workforce, is the man who does all of the behind the scene works- such as feeding the animals, and the man who ploughs through all the admin work (that absolutely nobody else will do!) We spoke to him about costs and funding that the Fenn Bell actually get. And honestly, it’s shocking.             

It costs the Fenn Bell £250,000 per year to run. This includes food for the animals, staff, bills, etc. However, the costs do not stop there. A further £200,000 is needed to try and pay for building costs, and many other different expenses… And all without funding.  This cannot be right. A company so brilliant, so inspiring, has to fund themselves. Surely they deserve some funding, some sort of support. The zoo used to be free, as long as they’d buy at least a bottle of water. But now the costs for keeping the amazing place open are becoming more and more. 

Even now, the owners of the company, Andy and his wife, do not take any money from the pub. All the money earnt in the pub is used to fund the zoo. Surely this is a sign that there something needed doing. Many animals wouldn’t survive if this zoo did not exist, so why do they not get the support they need.

The company need as much support as they can get. Especially in the wintertime, when the weather is not great, they need more support than ever. Anyone is allowed to go to this pub, at any time of the day that it is open.

The entree fee is minimal for adults and for children. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to see over 120 different animals? It is a brilliant place and worth more than they ask you to pay. 

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