self-confidence is usually associated with the trust you have within your abilities, qualities and judgements. In this time and age people in society tend to be criticized more frequently than before even though most expectations placed on a person from old traditions have been reduced, this is deemed to be due to the development of technology and social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

On these social platforms, people have the ability to send and post their opinions from anonymous accounts on other people's comment section in some cases and private DMs in others. People who tent to send this type of verbal abuse seem to feel safer as no one would be able to know who they are as it all occurs behind a screen.

This type of behaviour deteriorates someone's self-esteem and confidence as they start to question themselves repeatedly as a result. What makes it worse is the fact that they have no clue who is causing them all this misery and for all, they know it could be one of there most trusted friends.

The documentary "Odd one out" by the little mix star Jesy Nelson presented by bbc1 last September showed how negative comments on social media made this beautiful, talented and wonderful women so broken and unhappy with her own skin. When speaking about it the little mix star said: “If you’ve ever been heartbroken in your life, it feels like constantly feeling heartbroken.” That is how she described the emotions that she felt when she was completely bashed on social media. This shows you how anyone can be affected by this and how in some levels it’s worse for girls who aren’t famous as they tend to feel like they have nothing to live for and they are not worthy of it.

Self-confidence is also harder to get now as comments or “banter” in a school environment can cause kids and teenagers to feel more insecure. This could lead them to stop following there passions and goals. These two things that are lost due to this are very important for someone’s self-esteem as it is the thing that makes them happy, unique and if someone makes fun of them enough for them to hate what they love cause them to lose a part of themselves with it too. These are ways people lose self-confidence and one must remember that the words they say about people can cause permanent damage; “The words people use whether they choose to use them positively or negatively, they have permanency and they stick with us” - Jesy Nelson.

However, one can also do things to improve their confidence. For example: • talk to people you don't normally associate with, this can help you open your mind to new things.

• try things that are new to you • perform and show your talents as much as you can around family and friends.

• start taking control in situations that concern you, having power improves one's confidence.

These four tips would most definitely help with your confidence as they come from personal experience. I moved to England around six years ago not being able to speak a word of English, but I was a confident little 8-year-old girl who loved to dance, sing and act. When I started school people made fun of me for not being able to speak English fluently. This caused me to sit alone most lunchtimes and break, I hated school and I hated how I was being treated. At one point I was so lonely I used to sit in my class with my teacher at lunchtimes just so I wouldn’t be lonely, this continued only for the first year and improved drastically through the years. After this point I wasn’t so confident anymore, I lost my passion for performing as I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I have recovered from this insecurity as I met people who believed in me, pushed me to be myself and I am once again my confident self but that doesn’t mean I forget how heartbroken I felt during those times. Everyone who reads this article, support your loved ones and yourself as you are unique and incredible in your own way.

Love yourself, you are amazing!

 by reem ababtain.