Best ways to revise and how to improve your grades! 


Haven’t you ever felt so bad about yourself as you seemed to never be capable to get those grades you wanted? Well here are the best revision techniques which guaranty you to get the best grades possible.


• Start with your content revision:

Content revision is you going over the topics studied in class. You could do this by writing notes (colourful if you would like), you could draw mind maps, make posters, revise flashcards, read and consolidate notes made in class, watch YouTube videos. 

These techniques assure you that you know what you have been studying and that the most important information is in your memory. When revising this should take 50% of your revision time. 


• Feedback method revision:

Feedback is shown to be one of the best ways a student can revise. Feedback revision is doing tasks which show you what you know and what you don’t. It points out your strengths and weaknesses which could effectively improve your results as you would be able to go back and revise the topics which you are failing to understand. Feedback revision methods include teaching what you are learning to your family members or friends. Doing this is proven to be one of the best methods as it shows your understanding and capability to explain the information to other people which helps in exams when questions ask you to explain the information at hand. This method is shown to also be a technique which consolidates information learned in a very effective and efficient way.  Another way is to re-write the information you know on a piece of paper if you miss any information you know that you need to revise them more than the others. This method should take 25% of your revision time. 


• The last method is the skills method:

The skills method is the ability a person has to be able to answer an exam question quickly and correctly to which it suits the mark scheme with obviously the correct information.

Skill-based techniques include you answering topic questions, doing past paper questions, timing your self when answering questions on past paper questions, a mark a minute. These techniques should take 25% of your revision time.