Imagine yourself alone on the streets: no food, water or shelter. You don't have any warm clothes and have lost sensation in your fingers from the freezing cold breeze of winter that has lunged forward to take over the warmth of autumn. You glance over at the people around you struggling to grasp their exploding bags full of shopping from the goldmine of sales that they have managed to escape. Their fur coats and wooly hats are enough to give you a tiny ray of hope that maybe you won't end up freezing to death before the best day of the year - Christmas! Shoppers waltzing around with spare change tumbling out of their pockets, children running around dropping their hats and scarves. Paradise for the adults but what about the children?

They walk through one street and they see a TV advert for the latest toy that could occupy their minds for hours on end, then they stroll through another,  crossing their fingers that one of the other children accidentally drops theirs which their parents will replace without even a blink of an eye. But everytime that child will go home empty-handed and will pray that they wake up in a nice cozy bed under a roof to keep the rain out and with a toy that they can play with to their hearts content. But the hearsh reality is that they will wake up starving, damp from the frost that kept them awake for half the night and will continue to pray that there is hope at the end of the tunnel and that one day their dreams can be made real.

One TV advert is enough to spark a dream in a homeless child but one TV advert is also enough to drive a child into depression which could ruin the rest of their lives. Spread the awareness and help a homeless child today, help them get through the freezing cold winter, help them save their own lives. One coat, One toy, One item of food could be the difference between their nightmare and reality; help make that difference and save their lives.