Black History Month by Dinah Owiredu Newstead Wood

London is brimming with diversity, there are so many different people from so many different places with so many different cultures. Everybody is proud of where they are from and this reflects in the community. Black History month is time where every part of Black culture can be expressed. It is extremely important that it is expressed, and that Black people are proud of it, as their ancestors have fought for this freedom. It is inspiring that Black culture is appreciated so greatly in this country and it is given more publicity and there are more Black-themed events, but I wanted to see for myself what my local community does to express Black culture. 


In a Local Library, Danhomeyvi Art, a small company expressing African art in an impactful way, hosted an event for young children to make sculptures out of clay. It was a very lively session and the children who participated really enjoyed it. I interviewed a parent and her child:

"This was an amazing event, my daughter clearly loved it, she could get her hands dirty and have fun. It also taught her about her roots and how her ancestors were creative. I think more events like this should run in the community as children learn so  much from them, they can learn to use their fingers and make things, also it gives them an opportunity to leave the house."


There are many events like this running in my local area and these events embrace the diversity of local communities and communicate it in an engaging way.  


By: Dinah Owiredu Newstead Wood School