(World Vision Website) From 1990, around one quarter of the world has stopped living in poverty, but there is still the 10% in the world surviving on less than £1.90 a day.

How many people are living in poverty?

Proportions show that 8.6% of the world is still living in poverty, which is equivalent to 736 million people. In USA, 12.3% of the population, which is equal to 39.7 million people remain in poverty.

What are the foundation causes of poverty?

Poverty is caused by unjustness of the genders, ethnic discrimination,a corrupt government, conflict and domestic violence. The unavailability of food, shelter, education, water and healthcare, also contribute to a person living in poverty, unable to ask for help from social services to overcome poverty.

Have there been any improvements?

1 billion people have overcome the poor living conditions since 1990, and the number of child deaths have reduced by more than half.

How can poverty come to an end?

World vision is an organization which help poverty in different communities, and they work with "Theory of change", in areas of the world where children and adults are facing difficulties. They identify the underlying cause of poverty in the community and plan the key steps to their outcomes, which depends on the context and resources available. To end extreme poverty, the U.N. estimates the cost per year is $175 billion (which is less than 1% of the income of all rich countries combined).


By Tarnpreet Jagdeo