Give Racism a red card

What is Racism?

The unfair treatment of people who belong to a different race; violent behavior towards a certain group of people.


A Euro 2020 qualifier in Sofia was stopped twice as home fans were warned about racist behavior including Nazi salutes and monkey chanting. This is the current generation is absolutely disgraceful and shocking.

 On the 15th October 2019 Tyrone Mings, an England international football player on his debut experienced racist abuse from Bulgaria fans. He could hear the abuse ‘clear as day' but everybody made the decision" to continue the Euro 2020 qualifier against Bulgaria in Sofia. He was extremely upset about this experience on his debut. His team-mates were shown on TV to turn towards the linesman and ask: "Did you hear that?". The referee answered yes clearly. One minute later, the play was first stopped just before the half-hour mark when the referee came to the side of the pitch to speak to England manager Gareth Southgate. After a stoppage of around five minutes, play continued until the 43rd minute when the game was halted for a second time. Tyrone Mings said: "I went to Harry Kane the England captain first’. He spoke to the manager, who then spoke to the fourth officials. Everyone was aware of it, but we ultimately let our football do the talking and carry on.