Lest we forget by Dinah Owiredu Newstead Wood

Remembrance Day is such an important event in our calendars as a country as we take time to remember those who sacrificed themselves for the rest of the country. I believe it's very important that we celebrate this day and fully recognise its value. All races, all religion, all communities, everyone should come together as one and appreciate the fact we can all live together in peace due to these brave people. This month I decided to look into what local communities do to commemorate the day. 


At my local library, children were able to make wreaths with tissue paper and children. It's an activity that awakens children to this important occasion and actually gives them a chance to show their respects. In addition, these activities provide a day out for these children, they enable them to socialise and learn fine motor skills. I interviewed a parent of a child participating in the activity: 

“These activities help then to play with other children, they learn new skills with their hands, they are being creative and it builds a community a lot of children from different places come here and I think it’s very important that they all mix together. I also think it is important that kids learn about the World wars because these things, conflict happen every day and we can’t forget about how the world was previously and we must not forget that people are suffering.” 


At my local War Memorial, there was a beautiful service at my local memorial. The roads were closed off and there were processions from the local church, girl guides and scouts. This was all adorned with a beautiful serenade from the local Band. During this short service, hymns were sang, a two minute silence was observed, wreaths were laid, a beautiful sermon by the Minister of the local church was preached and the national anthem was played.  


We must never forget them.




Dinah Owiredu Newstead Wood School