Finished dinner? Ready for Dessert? Surely Indulge comes to mind; the best rated dessert bar in London. Make sure you leave time to park; if your worried that you're not hungry enough, put yourself to ease as by the time you sit at a table your hunger will have already died. 

Like the limited amount of parking there is also a limited selection of delightful dishes from the pancakes that are so dry that even the Sahara Desert struggles to keep up, to the ice cream that feels like your eating solidified milk. After gaining an extremely dry pallete you would look towards the drinks section of the menue only to find that the varied selection includes water and milkshakes. Just a bad experience, quite possibly, however after their latest expansion to another branch in Stanmore, Indulge is certainly hungry for profit.

However on the sweeter side, the rest of their dishes remain impecable along with ther extremely generous serving sizes which ensures it leaves a long lasting memory full of enjoyment to compensate for the slightly more bitter side of the argument.

Indulge may be cooking up a lie behind their beautifully presented desserts or they may be placing a cherry on top of their carefully crafted crepes, continuing on the road to success. However one thing is for sure, the profiteroles certainly can't tell Indulge's prophecy and future, only time will be able to tell that.

By Simran Kalsi, Nower Hill High School