This interview was conducted in order to educate people on different points of views and opinions and to allow the public to be exposed to the thoughts of others on this highly controversial topic.

Ms Jaipersad, a teacher at Gumley House Convent School was asked a few questions on her opinion on Climate change. We asked her about her view on extinction rebellion an th youth and whether they take Climate change seriously. She responded with , “I think they should take it more seriously. extinction rebellin disruption of normal processes raise awareness, young people say they take it seriously but like i said yesterday, if you're still willing to buy the new stuff and you're not recycling then you're making the problem worse. Some people say a lot of the things that are right but their actual actions need to change.”

We then asked her about her opinion on Greta Thunberg, a well known teenage activist currently fighting for change concerning the climate crisis.

“I think she's cool. She's put herself out there, I know she has the whole thing with not being in school, and fighting for the rights and the future you guys deserve, I think she's really inspirational and that people need to lay off her and stop being as cruel as they are to her, because she's taken this to the extreme and for a young woman to do that, all the power to her own. We should have more of her.”

We finally asked what her opinion on climate change in general was and Ms Jaipersad’s response was: “I’m really concerned. I’m concerned about it everyday. I don’t like leaving things on in my office if i'm not in it, even tiny things like that may not seem like a big difference. In my house I try very hard to make sure we all do the recycling and we are very energy efficient, as much as we possibly can. I'm so worried about what the future will look like, not just from fossil fuels, plastic pollution, you name it, I have huge concerns, absolutely massive ones. And I think we all need to shift how we live.” she said, “ I think we all have to try.”

By Kirsten Jacobs