5 Things I wish I knew before doing my GCSE’s

Being organised is very important:
When I was in year 11, I had a folder for each of my subjects in GCSE. In year 10 and year 11, you’ll gather up a very large collection of revision notes and worksheets from your teachers. Having a separate folder for each subject will make it a lot easier for you to know where everything is whenever you want to go over your notes or revise a particular topic. Another way of remaining organised is by making a revision timetable and sticking to it, this will help you manage your time better. However, it’s important to remember to revise for 40 minutes at a time and take 15 minutes breaks. 


Condensed notes and past paper:
While preparing for your GCSE’s it's very easy to just copy out your textbook or revision guide and call it revision. However, writing condensed notes makes it easier to revise. Another useful, revision method is to constantly be doing past papers or exam questions for each subject. This is very useful because it allows you to apply the knowledge that you have revised. After you complete a past paper or exam question check the mark scheme and mark your paper. This will allow you to see which topic you need to focus on before your exam. 


The exams are going to feel a lot like mocks:
During year 10 and 11 you’ll constantly have exams/mocks to help prepare you for your actual GCSE’s. You’ll constantly be doing past papers and exam questions in classrooms as well as the exam hall that when you actually being your GCSE’s it won’t feel any different to just any ordinary exam. 


Buy all the books you need early:
Buy all the books you need early such as, revision guides, textbooks or workbooks. During year 11 I ended up buying a new textbook or revision almost every month which was a waste of money as well as time. I would suggest sticking with the books your schoolteachers recommend as well as the CGP revision guides. Buying your textbooks early will help you save money but also allow you to get a grip with your course sooner.  


Use your schools' resources: 
As your GCSE’s get closer your school might hold extra revision sessions, after school or during school hours, to go over topics that you might be unsure about. Your school might also hold clubs after school where you can go and revise. I would suggest that you attend as many of these clubs as possible because you’ll be able to ask your teachers for as much support as you may need.


Overall, Year 11 tends to go by very quickly and although GCSE’s can be very stressful, Year 11 was definitely my favourite year mainly because I was looking forward to the extra-long summer holiday but also because you make great friends that help you through all of the stress. 


Written by: Nicole Stoby