Treated As An Outcast?

Meghan Markle, America’s former TV Star icon, now receives unnecessary controversy and black-lash from the British Press for being herself, as Prince Harry wife. She has been gaining hate from all angles from the media for uncalled for reasons. The Express published an article claiming “Why Does Meghan Markle hold her Baby Bump in EVERY Photo?” however, when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, did the exact same thing the British Press praised her for “caring.” The Metro released an article claiming “Kate Middleton pictured holding her baby bump in a cute moment.”

Why is there outrageous hate for Meghan Markle when Kate Middleton is guilty of the same “crime?”

People have claimed that there is an underlying hint of racism and envy towards the Duchess of Sussex, considering Prince Harry did not marry a British Women from his stature, but instead a racially mixed American Film star.

There seems to be an indescribable love and admiration for Kate Middleton and pure jealousy for Meghan. When Markle paid tribute to Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother, Royal Fans went crazy as they “accuse” her of “copying Princess Diana Too Much” claims cheatsheet Magazine.

The public from ethnic minorities, especially the black community, were more opened and happy about the marriage between the two lovers, as it breaks the barrier of race and division considering she comes from an African descent on her mother side.

Furthermore, Prince Harry took it upon himself and spoke up against the claims and hate that is being depicted about his wife, according to People Magazine, in a recent documentary Harry revealed just how much the negative press has hurt his wife as they tend to put on “a brave face” and brush a lot of situations off but “there’s a lot of stuff that hurts – especially when majority of it is untrue.”

Do you think the hate towards Meghan is unnecessary or is it simply what she signed up for?