The highly anticipated General Election between Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn and Conservative’s Boris Johnson will be taking place on the 12th December 2019. This general election will help build our country for the better and bring the voice to the people of the United Kingdom. Jeremy Corbyn advocates for the people who are less advantaged and wants to cut university fees and rebuild the NHS to a stronger foundation, also give everyone their rights to free health care. He promises to bring prosperity “To the Many Not the Few.” Whereas Boris Johnson wants to “Get Brexit Done” and give up our NHS to the American President Donald Trump, to coincide with this Johnson wants to increase taxes to which workers’ pay National Insurance will be raised to £9,500. Experts are even saying that Tory tax plans will mostly benefit wealthier people, as the Minister is under fire for saying that the Government “is not responsible” for poverty as it has “already happened.”

This seems to be the most talked-about General Election of our generation – there is a lot of uproar and speculation concerning the government inability to allow 16-year-olds to vote in this year's General Election as the youth believe it is there right to vote in the matter of what will happen to our country as it will ultimately affect the younger generation more than the older. There seems to be a lack of consideration for the younger generation in society.


By Khadejah Akhtar