Every christmas, Bluewater’s ‘The Giving Tree’ is set up and is a special way of making children feel  loved on Christmas. In this article I will be talking about how although for you it may seem insignificant it brings so much joy to the kids who receive them. 


The huge tree is covered with tags of local disadvantaged children’s names and their ages. People can then choose which child they would like to buy a present for and buy a special present for them. After you have bought a present you go back and drop the present at the tree. On the 23rd of December, the tree will be closed and all the gifts will be wrapped and go to local charities in Kent and Sussex. The staff were very helpful ad they guided me through this process and explained the impact this brings for children.


Many children at Christmas do not have the privilege as many of us do, to decorate their house, buy presents and celebrate christmas with their families. Therefore any present you give to these kids will brighten up their day and bring them happiness at this festive time of year. It will give them a reason to smile. I also took a tag to buy a child a present myself and I have inserted a picture of it in this article. I haven’t bought the present yet however I am very excited to buy a gift and thought of making a child’s day makes me very happy as well. In this busy time of year, I encourage readers to spend a little bit of money on children less advantaged than we are. It’ll bring you and them content.