Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's probably an overpriced confectionary stall... North House Family Evening is always an event characterised by a warm sense of community and a shared spirit of determination to raise money for a very worthy cause. This year, the house chose to support the charities Young Minds and Crisis, which deal with mental health issues in adolescence and homelessness today. 


My friend Letitia and I ran a stall which offered the opportunity to make and take home with you a pot of slime, an enterprise which we approached with unfailing exuberance; however, unfortunately our enthusiasm was inversely proportional to our profit margins on this occasion, and society's penchant for all things slimy was seemingly abandoned in late 2017. In spite of this, our stall didn't fail to evoke joy in the grinning faces of our younger customers, one of whom returned 3 times to purchase different coloured slimes.


Other stalls of the evening included a face painting stall, a cake stall and the chance to shake it off as part of the Just Dance wii game. Although my friend and I were not personally privileged to sample the delicious food on offer, due to our rigourous slime-making at our own stall, we were assured by our fellow-classmates that the hot food provided (some of which was vegan) was delicious. 


The delightful evening was concluded with a catalogue of excellent performances, including a choreographed dance to Ariana Grande's NASA performed by our own form class, and overall, a total of £4,500 was raised throughout what our Head of House described as a 'fantastic evening'.