Under 18s Voting 

The government not allowing 16-17-year olds to not vote, makes young people think that they are not cared about and are left in the dust and many young people across the country believe that they deserve a voice. At the age of 16, Young people can drink alcohol at a bar or pub, get married and can join the army, yet the government believe that they can’t tick a box? We have the Conservatives in power, and they believe that Young People are just not mature enough. 

The UK has a democratic government and increasing the range of voices in an election or debate can be beneficial to our democracy which young people should play a full part in as equal, active citizens.  

Across the UK in September, when there were rumours of a snap general election, nearly 200,000 people applied to register to vote in just 72 hours with more than half being under 35. Everybody, not just young people, has a civic duty to vote. It is a privilege denied to millions of people around the world and we should not take that for granted. Many people in the UK and in other countries, gave their lives away in order to earn the right to vote. We should value the freedom we have to exercise a free choice when voting.  

Young People are making a major investment in their personal futures. Their opportunities to reap the benefits will be determined by the economic and political choices made by the government. It is therefore important that all young people vote in order to shape those opportunities. 


- Ayaan Sheikh (Sir George Monoux College)