Journalism is a newly emerging and a becoming noticed field of work. Journalism consists of many jobs being a reporter, editor and travelling the world. Journalists are the least likely to have sex in a professional job because of how much that goes into the job. Journalists can work for many companies like CNN ABC BBC and many others. This can depend on which political background you have. This consists of whether they are right or left wing. Donald trump is one of of the best politicians a journalist can interview because he always ends up saying something stupid. Journalism is all about how well you understand a viewpoint. Journalism can be very dangerous as many people have been killed for defaming dangerous people. Fake news! Many journalists make bad things sound as if they are good In many cases. For example many journalists for Fox News would make Donald trumps opinions and the ways he tackles things as good but many will have a very opposite and different viewpoint. In the UK politicians are being supported by newspaper company’s. this is clever because although a digital world is being constructed people still read hard copies of newspapers. This is effective as all that interests readers of newspapers is the title and if the title has been edited in a way it can make people look bad in many ways whether it’s politicians or just a normal citizen. Journalism is fun at the end of the day as you can travel around the world and explain what your viewpoint is of what someone said.