Armed gangs in Lea Valley are knocking cyclists off their bikes and are stealing the bikes themselves to make a getaway. This has happened eight times in a week, which forced the police to heighten their patrols in the Lea area. The latest attack being last Saturday, where the members of the gang attempted to rob a 28-year-old pedestrian who was walking through the Lea.


“It’s absolutely terrifying” says a local Lea rower, who spends a lot of her time at the Lea. One cyclist, aged 39 was pushed to the floor and robbed of his crucifix, bank card and wrist watch srolen. The gang covered their faces with scarves in an attempt to hide their identitiy. Police have speculated the use of the Lea is down to easy escape routes, and an influx of cyclists using the paths. Police warned if the gangs are seen, not to confront them as they will be armed, and that calling the polie is a much safer option for the individual.


After the stepped up patrols, the Lea is getting safer again, but still has a long way to go before it is considered safe and a violence free area.


Anna Montague