University a struggle for many poor students. The struggle part of that statement is the fees students have to pay. 9000. A hefty number for many students. It has been estimated it takes 21 years for a student with a bachelor’s degree to pay of their university fees. Life for students is hard because there is so much pressure of passing exams and making sure the career they are going to join is suitable for them. It’s almost as if we’re bombarded with these difficult barriers in life as soon as we  start secondary. After secondary we choose what we want to do in college and then the big decision of what we want to become and learn about that in university. After all these decisions we are hit with the big burden of making sure we  payed off the £9000 we have to pay to go to university. The conservatives want to keep the £9000 and make sure it stays authorise for a long time. However, labour wants to get rid of this and wants students not to be stressed about paying off a massive amount of money. If students want to go to tuition they also have to pay extra money for that. This puts immense pressure as students are almost made sure to get good results in their exam otherwise they will not be able to pay of their student debt. In some cases there is the struggle of moving out and earning your own money for many students as they are told to leave their parents house.