The University and College Union (UCU) had announced on 5th of November that later this month university lecturers, college teachers, librarians and other academic staff will strike for their rights. In according to pensions, payment and conditions; in a wave of action which could disrupt the studies of more than a million students.

Staffs at 60 universities across the UK are to walk out on strike starting 25th November running until the 4th of December. Consequently, industrial deeds must persist with members to work on an agreement, so they are unable to cover for reschedule lectures and/or absent colleagues due to the strike actions.

The UCU general secretary, Jo Grady stated: “The first wave of strikes will hit universities later this month unless the employers start talking to us seriously about how they are going to deal with rising pension costs and declining pay and conditions”.

Tens of thousands of university lecturers, as well as other academic staff walked out over changes to their pensions after the action comes less than two years, striking for 14 days in an unparalleled and unprecedented stand of action on 65 British campuses.

This year’s superannuation scheme dispute over changes to the universities, which is still unresolved, includes academic workers to dispute over pay, equality, casualization and workload. The union estimates that more than half of all academics are temporary contracts and pay has fallen by 17% since 2009.

The universities affected are many of the most prestigious and biggest institutions in the UK, including Oxford, Manchester, University College London, Durham, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

By Bryanna Hylton