The soothing voice of David Attenborough, the world of the living turned inside out, a nightmare turned into reality. The most horrific and teeth clenching hour of my life; yet no amount of stars in the sky will give this series "Seven Worlds, One Planet" as much respect as it deserves.

Episode 1- Antarctica

One of the coldest places on the earth where no amout of blankets will shield you from the shivering, harsh reality portrayed to you on your very own soft, synthetic cushion of snow. All the heart warming moments and soul crushing visuals portraying what is already in front of our eyes through the glass screen that hypnotises us for hours on end. The cyclical nature of our destruction- lives of human beings continue as every minute ticks by; if this inspirational voice and visuals is not enough to inspire you to make a change, then nothing will ever be enough.

Wildlife Videographers

A group of people walking around with a camera to hand, recording animals as their day passes by, where they will wake the next morning and repeat what they did yesterday, the last week, the last month; the last year. Well that is what you might think, but these people risk their lives to capture entertainment, to highlight the effects society has not only on the environment but on the lives of the innocent creatures that suffer due to our careless and selfish nature.

No Eyes

Poeple are tired of hearing about climate change and are tired of being told how eating meat and driving cars is flooding our land and increasing global temperatures. But animals and our wildlife is being destroyed and we have the power to change this at our fingertips.

Every week a new episode will be released and every week I will sit on the same spot of my sofa however, each week I know I am guaranteed an hour of enlightenment and will wake up the next morning, a changed person. One hour is all it takes to show you a new perspective. One hour could save a life.


By Simran Kalsi, Nower Hill High School