Langley Park School for Girls celebrated Stonewall Rainbow Lace Day on Wednesday the 27th of November.

The event was organised by the Pride steering group at the school, who meet weekly on Friday’s. They decided to involve the school in Stonewall’s annual celebration of LGBTQ+ inclusion, ordering in around 200 rainbow coloured shoelaces. The girls stood outside the school gates from 7:30 am, staying all morning with a box brimming with the colourful accessories and a donation bucket. Having waited outside till the bell rung the girls proceeded to make their way about the school selling the laces. The sale was extremely successful, with them selling out completely. The girls made an astonishing profit of £277, with 100% going to Stonewall.

Several members of faculty and masses of students purchased the laces. The girls tied them into their shoes, hair braids and onto bags and key rings, proudly brandishing the rainbow flag. The turnout was remarkable, and a huge success for acceptance within the school. Staff were seen all over the school with the laces twisted around their lanyards. The event was a spectacular show of Pride at Langley., organised by its own students.

I spoke to Emma Louise Phillips, a dedicated member of the steering group about why they felt it was important to celebrate the day at school. Although typically, it is aimed at sports groups, hence the laces, Phillips and the group saw it as a great idea ‘To raise awareness for the cause and hopefully make people more comfortable about the LGBTQ+ community.’ It is clear from this day that the students of Langley Girls are on unstoppable mission for equality for all sexualities and genders!