Votes in the UK are a joke. Age 16 you can legally get married, join the army, and have sexual intercourse. The Government do not want citizens like me and others voting but allow us to make bigger decisions in life. However, they do not want us to tick a box. The government strip us of the opportunity to have a say in what we want to see improved. Almost all parties want 16-year-olds voting for example labour, liberal democrats and SNP. on the other hand, conservatives do not want this to be authorised. Many people that agree with conservatives use the same reasons which are just because you have been granted a few rights do not mean you are mature enough. Although many disagree with the reasons there is some logic because they believe we are not mature enough to make a political decision as we are not at an age where we think about politics as much. Many beg to differ as there are many heated arguments in classrooms and debates between many students who are very interested and follow politics. The fact that students want this right scares the conservatives some people would say because they have issued many budget cuts for schools and if they authorise 16-year-olds voting because they will vote for the conservatives opposition which is mainly labour. Voting should be allowed at 16 because the person is mature enough to think about what they want improved in the country.