For the past few years, my school has incorporated many environmentally friendly schemes, such as recycling bins and replacing plastic cutlery with wood. In concept, these are an excellent way to promote the importance of protecting our planet to the younger generation while doing 'our bit' to reduce our waste. However, especially in terms of recycling, without correct education on how they are used and are beneficial, they have become neglected. 

Many people still don't know what can and cannot be recycled. This leads to confusion where recycling bins become redundant and a waste of space. Greater teaching on these practices is necessary so that these ideas move from concept to action. Only then will we truly achieve our intentions of a greener education. 

I believe there needs to be greater pressure on schools to become more environmentally friendly in their actions and teachings. If the school doesn't understand what it is doing, how can its students? In my opinion, the youth of today are more aware of and passionate about these issues than older generations and this must be changed to be true of the entire population. 

However, things are improving as many schools have begun to teach young children about the importance of protecting our environment and even setting up challenges to boost recycling. This is beneficial as it ingrains these positive habits in future generations providing hope for the planet's destiny. 

In my opinion, despite the numerous improvements being made to schools in favour of greener futures, there is still huge room for developments. Education on protecting the environment should be a central focus for every school, where the implementation of green schemes can be much more effective.

Charlotte Brereton